The cornerstone of health and ageless ageing is your nutrition and through the use of a balanced and moveover, optimum daily intake of vitamins and minerals this can be achieved.

Complexions can provide the range of nutritional supplements from Advanced Nutritional Programme providing the ideal supplement programme calculated by Patrick Holford from the programme.

The basis of this is to calculate the likely ideal intake of nutrients from antioxidants and essential vitamins tied to good dietary behaviour, to promote and optimise your health. As modern life styles takes its toll more often than not, modern diets do not provide anywhere near the daily required nutritional intake. This is where the Advanced Nutritional Programme can supplement. Tablets for skin treatments from within.

  • Skin Vitality 1 is a full range of supplements designed to feed your skin both internally and externally as well as maintaining total body well being
  • Skin Vitality 2 is a more broad supplement containing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, herbal extracts, recommended as a baseline dietary support
  • Skin Vit C. Vitamin C based tablet combined with plant extract to support healthy skin
  • Skin Omegas. A combination of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin integrity and health
  • Skin Collagen Support complex of vitamins and plant extracts providing building blocks for collagen
  • Skin Defender is an antioxidant complex to support skin exposed to sunlight
  • Pro Vitality Formula from the Wellbeing range and is a broad spectrum supplement containing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, phospholipids, herbal extracts amino acids, bioflavonoids and co-factors. Recommended as a base line dietary support for adults