Hair Removal Care

Progressive and permanent hair removal can be achieved through use of a range of techniques both modern and based on ancient remedies dating back to remedies devised by the ancient Egyptians.

We can offer the following treatments.

  • Epil 2000 Hair Removal using a bio active gel and high frequency current and no needles making the treatment safe and comfortable and permanent
  • Electrolysis permanent hair removal using sterilised needles and a high frequency current
  • Threading involves the ancient Eastern art of hair removal and a 100% cotton tread to remove even the most delicate hairs directly from the follicle with treatments for the following areas




Lip and Chin


  • Sugaring dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and is totally natural with minimal reaction to the treatment. No perfume is used and the action simply pulls the hair from the root so it is suitable for any skin type, all body areas can be treated, legs, bikini, underarm, eyebrows, arms and facial hair.

hair removal