Eye Care

  1. eyelashEye care is another area often overlooked but remains an extremely important area of beauty treatment and we are pleased to offer the following courses for the eye area.


  • Tinting using a semi permanent vegetable dye which lasts for a number of weeks we can offer the following tint treatments:

Eyelash tint
Eyebrow tint
Eyelash and eyebrow tint combined
Reshaping and tidying eyebrows

  •     24 hr patch test

Eyelash extensions using products from Perfect lash

  • Express Perfect Lashes. For longer fuller lashes and will last up to the lifetime of your natural lashes.
  • Great for holidays and  special occasions.

LVL Lashes

Length Volume And Lift lasts up to eight weeks giving a real enhancement to your own natural Lashes.  You also receive an eyelash tint to give that all over natural look.

Only £45.00

* 48 hr patch test prior to your treatment.

Perfect Express Lashes

Fun eyelashes that are individually glued to your own natural lash. Last over two weeks!  Great natural look but giving great definition.

Only £30.00 (45 mins) 

* 48 hr patch test prior to your treatment.

* LVL, Tinting and Perfect Lash cannot be carried

out on pregnant / breastfeeding ladies.

Party Lashes

Strip Lashes to give that Quick Party Look. You can buy them at the salon or have them applied in the salon.

Only £10.00

*We always like to undertake a test for EYELASH TINT, EYELASH PERM and EYELASH EXTENSIONS 24-48 hours before treatment in case of an allergic reaction

LVL LashesLVL Lift Ultimate Lashes