Body Care

body careBody care covers everything from excess fat removal, the toning and weight control through to lymph drainage and relaxing aromatic treatments.

  • Gaia Form 2 Electrolipolysis – removal of unwanted fat and weight loss using the Gaia Form 2 machine without discomfort or effort
  • Lymph Drainage – to remove excess water retention and help with “bloating” and is essential for the well-being of your body
  • G5 Mechanical Massage to break down fat and soften cellulite
  • Universal Contour Wrap to exfoliate, detoxify, tighten loose tissue and to give you a guaranteed 6 inch loss through the use of elasticated cotton bandages
  • Vibration Plate where 10 minutes use is the equivalent of half an hour in the gym
  • Guinot Arometic Body Mineceur Treatment uses 100% natural products, clays and essential oils used to slim, detox, firm and drain the skin through a relaxing massage treatment. Choose from the following:
  • Aromatic Body Manicure massage with essential oils and mineral clay mask
  • Aromatic Body Bien-Etre Treatment for the exfoliation with Kiwi sugar scrub, complete massage and relaxing essential oils
  • Aromatic Spa Treatment one of the above with either a Guinot Aromatic or a Liftosome Facial
  • Kiwi Sugar Scrub for full body exfoliation
  • “Chocobeauty” using Swiss chocolate applied to the body to aid circulation, toxin removal, treat cellulite and improve general circulation available as either a facial or for the full body